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  1. Eclipse Summit Europe 2010

    Between moving house and going on a long holiday my personal projects went a little quiet but I’ve been at the Eclipse Summit in Europe in Ludwigsberg this week so I thought I’d write up my thoughts. This was my first ‘big’ Eclipse event, on the one hand it’s nice to have so many knowledgeable […]

  2. IDE support for OSGi grows

    The SpringSource Tools Suite (STS) has offered support for OSGi development for a long time, IntelliJ also has good support and even better specific support for dm Server was added in May. Now NetBeans has released version 6.9 with a lot of new OSGi related features. It’s really encouraging to see all the major IDEs […]

  3. The First Milestone of Virgo is out

    Yesterday I started the milestone release of Virgo 2.1.0.M01 copying round the Eclipse mirror servers. It’s really good to see it go and I’m looking forward to seeing the response later today. The Virgo Kernel is also available along with the Web Server and allows users to build customised server types.