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  1. Simple vs Easy

    This blog post is inspired by a wonderful and entertaining video called Simple Made Easy by Rich Hickey. It explains the difference between easy & simple, and why we’re obsessed with the wrong one. It’s a sentiment I’ve known for a long time but I’ve never seen it put in to words before. The rest […]

  2. Firefox extensions with Travis CI

    Developing an extension for Firefox is no different than developing anything else and CI is a good idea. It’s actually very easy to use Travis to run your test suite. For those that don’t know, Travis is a great resource for running CI on your open source projects for free. Travis will install any version […]

  3. Sample Apps for Cloud Foundry

    Working on the Java Buildpack means lots of testing with unit (over 99% coverage) and integration tests but we also have a suite of sample applications to do complete system wide testing. They are all tested during our CI builds and might be useful for people that want to play around with different application types […]

  4. Cloud Foundry Video Shorts

    Firstly, CloudFoundry has a shiny new logo. It’s a little more abstract, harder to understand at first glance but I like it, much cleaner. I’ve done two short videos demoing some new features in the Cloud Foundry Java Buildpack with my finest monotone voice. The first is about using New Relic, it’s now easy. Bind […]

  5. Monitoring Node Apps on CloudFoundry

    There are a few options for monitoring Node applications including NewRelic and NodeTime but I’ll be looking at StrongOps (previously known as NodeFly) by StrongLoop. It’s easy to get up and running with both NewRelic and NodeTime but the StrongLoop offering is particularly easy on CloudFoundry thanks to its custom build pack for deploying applications […]

  6. Eclipse Summit Europe 2010

    Between moving house and going on a long holiday my personal projects went a little quiet but I’ve been at the Eclipse Summit in Europe in Ludwigsberg this week so I thought I’d write up my thoughts. This was my first ‘big’ Eclipse event, on the one hand it’s nice to have so many knowledgeable […]