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  1. Product Owners and GDPR

    If you don’t know what the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) are then where have you been hiding. It’s responsible for the piles of email most people recently received about updated privacy policies and consent requests. Whatever you think of GDPR, it’s now law across the European Union (EU). If you are processing personal data […]

  2. Technology On the Edge

    I’ve often used three phrases to describe the state of advancement of some piece of technology and recently realised that while two are well known the third is not. Most people have heard of “Cutting Edge” and “Bleeding Edge” but rarely “Beyond the Edge”. Here are my definitions of these terms, yours may differ but […]

  3. Estimating Stories

    There are several approaches to software development that require the estimation of work items, many of these approaches call work items, stories or tasks. To keep this post applicable to various approaches I’ll simply refer to work items. There are many approaches and guides about how to do estimating, the process, the range of values […]

  4. JIT Design

    Just in time design is about designing something just before the design is needed. Do it any later and it’ll be implemented without any design thought, do it too soon and the design could be miss-informed. Premature Optimisation This is an often cited sin of software creation. It’s really just a sub category of premature […]

  5. Designing APIs vs Consuming APIs

    Most APIs are described as being RESTful but many really aren’t. Fortunately understanding about what RESTful really means is becoming more common. The one area that seems to still hold debate is HATEOAS. Should an API be described to its consumers with documentation or should they discover it through links, the relationships between the requested […]

  6. Simple vs Easy

    This blog post is inspired by a wonderful and entertaining video called Simple Made Easy by Rich Hickey. It explains the difference between easy & simple, and why we’re obsessed with the wrong one. It’s a sentiment I’ve known for a long time but I’ve never seen it put in to words before. The rest […]