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  1. Firefox extensions with Travis CI

    Developing an extension for Firefox is no different than developing anything else and CI is a good idea. It’s actually very easy to use Travis to run your test suite. For those that don’t know, Travis is a great resource for running CI on your open source projects for free. Travis will install any version […]

  2. Checking in Bower dependencies

    I’ve seen a few places recommending that the bower_components folder should be checked in to your version control system. This is wrong, it will just add unnecessary bloat to your repo and risk your dependencies going stale. The only good reason I think of is to avoid having to run bower install all the time […]

  3. Strict JavaScript for NodeJS

    This post is mostly a short reminder for myself as it’s contents is not new. As many of you probably know NodeJS runs on top of Google’s V8 engine, the same JavaScript engine used in the Chrome browser. V8 can take quite a few configuration options, try listing them out. I’m going to talk about […]

  4. NodeJS on Cloudfoundry – New Buildpack

    Since my last post about monitoring NodeJS applications on CF (CloudFoundry) things have changed, both the NodeJS and CF worlds are fast moving ones. The default Node buildpack is currently a fork of the Heroku one, so most things explained here are relevant to Heroku as well. You no longer require a special buildpack to […]

  5. Monitoring Node Apps on CloudFoundry

    There are a few options for monitoring Node applications including NewRelic and NodeTime but I’ll be looking at StrongOps (previously known as NodeFly) by StrongLoop. It’s easy to get up and running with both NewRelic and NodeTime but the StrongLoop offering is particularly easy on CloudFoundry thanks to its custom build pack for deploying applications […]