I’m a Software Engineer living in southern England, Romsey. I work for SkyScanner, making it easier to load test and optimise applications. Watch this space…

This site your viewing is the latest in a line of WordPress Themes and websites I have created and I’m sure I’ll be trying something new soon (probably the Ghost blogging platform). In my spare time I’m always learning about new technologies, typically the trendy new cool tech that’s going to take over the world, until something new comes along. This has included a lot about how to actually build and run services on the internet, mostly with NodeJS running on PaaSs like AppFog and AnyNines which both use Cloud Foundry. I’m currently playing with Rust, HATEOAS API design and trying to find the time to update my MooLater Firefox plugin.

Previously I worked on the Java experience for Cloud Foundry, the Open Source PaaS, at Pivotal.  Before Pivotal I worked for SpringSource, a predecessor of Pivotal through a series of acquisitions and spin outs. My at role at Springsource was an expert on the Java modules system OSGi and worked on the EclipseRT Virgo Server. The largest piece of work I did on Virgo is a sophisticated web management console, see my blog posts for details. I have also had the good fortune to speak regularly at various Eclipse Cons about Virgo and OSGi in general. My full professional history is on LinkedIn and my other hide outs on the web are in the footer.

Why this site

This is my personal site and not officially endorsed or related to any company I work or have worked for. It will only ever contain articles and posts I think others could find interesting or useful. Probably something software related to whatever I’m currently playing with. By being public it forces me to be more thorough and thoughtful in my writings. It also lets me play with design which I seem to spend more time learning about than actually writing content.