The First Milestone of Virgo is out


Yesterday I started Virgo milestone 2.1.0.M01 copying round the Eclipse mirror servers. It’s really good to see it go and I’m looking forward to seeing the response later today. The official blog post by Glyn Normington is on the SpringSource Team Blog.

The Virgo Kernel is also available along with the Web Server. It supports additional server types to that of the Web Server. The Kernel gives you all the improvements on top of raw OSGi that the Web Server does but no servlet container, none of the web stuff at all. In fact the Web Server is built on top of the Kernel using its support for initial plans. This approach can be used by anyone else to start a Virgo Server customised with their own bundles.

Hopefully this milestone also signals that work on the projects move to Eclipse will begin to reduce and new development can commence once again. There is some work that has been discussed for the Admin Console that I’m personally very keen to do. Hopefully improving the usability for larger deployments of the Virgo server. Exciting times ahead.

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