IDE support for OSGi grows

The SpringSource Tools Suite (STS) has offered support for OSGi development for a long time, IntelliJ also has good support and even better specific support for dm Server was added in May. Now NetBeans has released version 6.9 with a lot of new OSGi related features. It’s really encouraging to see all the major IDEs competing over OSGi.

NetBeans now works with vanilla OSGi containers from Felix and Equinox with the later being experimental for now. OSGi build with Maven along with existing Ant support. Finally a lot of integration between it’s RCP system allowing it to consume OSGi bundles and to convert NetBeans modules to Bundles and run them on raw OSGi.

There are no signs of support for either dm Server or Virgo yet in NetBeans but they are definitely looking at OSGi so maybe…

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