Virgo 3.0 (Maya) RC2



The second Release Candidate of Virgo 3.0 (Maya) is available for download. See the release notes for details.

RC2 has minor updates from RC1. The documentation has been finished and is now also frozen for release. The version of Equinox has been updated to the stable Indigo version. The separate Snaps download has also moved to RC2 with a much neater download package which includes the Virgo Snaps Guide and a comprehensive sample application along with all the sources.

RC2 of Virgo Tomcat Server embeds Gemini Web 2.0 RC2 which now comes with documentation in the form of a User Guide plus a minimal Programmer Guide, these are now a part of the download package.

We encourage users to give RC2 a go and provide feedback via bugzilla or the Virgo forum. Unless critical bugs are found this will be released as 3.0, probably towards the end of August.

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