Gemini Management, soon…


Gemini Management is a set of JMX MBeans for managing your OSGi runtime. We released the first Milestone last week and will hopefully do a full release in the near future. Gemini Management implements the JMX Specification Version 1.0 of the OSGi Service Platform Enterprise Specification, Version 4.2, section 124. To learn more about Gemini Management you can read the documentation or see the getting started guide on the wiki. The top level Gemini project contains several sub-projects that implement different OSGi enterprise specifications. It has been around a while now but you may still be interested in the original project proposal.

I’m working to implement changes in the next version of the OSGi Enterprise Specification but I’m more interested in adding support for an OSGi runtime that is split in to multiple areas, such as Subsystems or Regions. This means it has to deal with the possibility of multiple instances of Configuration Admin, bundles that are obfuscated from one another and duplicated bundle names and versions. This is because Virgo makes use of Regions and I’m looking to include Gemini Management in the next release of Virgo. It’ll be another part of Virgo that is standards based which is always a good thing. It’s also part of a bigger plan for a new Admin Console for Virgo, but how to consume MBeans in a browser. Jolokia, a neat project that exports the contents of the MBeanServer over HTTP as JSON data. Even better, it comes packaged as a single OSGi bundle. I think Jolokia and Gemini Management make a great combo and will be powering the new Virgo Admin Console out sometime in 2012.

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