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  1. Long time no post

    Well my hosting company Anynines went down and I was lazy about relocating my blog to a new host. I’m still a fan of AnyNines but I’m now wary of their dev hosting and a little disappointed they never did a post-mortem of the outage. I considered GitHub Pages but I want to have comments […]

  2. Eclispe Sofia DemoCamp

    I went to Sofia to present at an Eclipse Demo Camp and seems it went down well with at least one of the attendees. The ‘young’ comment made me chuckle. It’s all well and good looking youthful but it’s a pain when you want some gravitas. I’m sure I’ll be out and about talking […]

  3. Hello world!

    Well I have finally got my website up, really enjoying the new features in WordPress 3.0. Once I get better at the image creation my own Theme will appear as well. I’ve learnt a lot about Inkscape but I haven’t played with the perspective support yet and I have something 3D in mind. So many […]